“The real journey of discovery is not to look for
new landscapes, but to have new eyes”

Marcel Proust

Experience a flood of emotions and build fabulous memories!

Living in the region of Saint-Malo, I can propose all manner of activities, more customised, more personalised to your needs and outside of the traditionnal main tourist attractions dehors des grands circuits touristiques.

I am here to help you choose the offers and ideas that  tempt and attract you the most. At your service, and tailor-made for you!


Idea of activities

What to do? You’re a family and the lady of the housedreams of doing a parachute jump over Mont-Saint-Michel, daughter wants to do a gastronomic seafood cooking course, father would like a day spent sea fishing and the youngest would like to learn how to sail 

Let yourself be guided

But you don’t know the region or don’t have the time to take care of it, you want to be helped and guided and that’s where we step in, to offer you a choice of activities according to what you like to do and what you would like to discover…

You do not have time to search online, to contact the people concerned, to ask them about the availability of the activities, the requirements needed, the prices, the opening times of the activities, how to organise this?


Definition of your activity project

Choose the formula that suits you via the contact form.

Within 72 hours of your request, I will contact you for further information about your wishes.


Provider search

Once the payment is received, I start to make your stay.

I create a range of offers from experienced professionals according to your budget, the season and your availability. I request quotes from providers

Your schedule

I submit my proposal to you and we discuss it together. Depending on your choice, I will send you quotes or internet or telephone links from the various service providers via email.

It’s up to you to book as soon as possible with them to benefit from the offer presented.


Additionally, I can also search for transport (train or plane), airport transfer, car rental, accommodation.


Your tailor-made holidays

My offers are developed on a personalised quote including fees and management fees.

My fees are in hourly rates of 50€.- TTC


Pack I’m packing

I’m looking for the best plans for all your trips( train, plane, shuttle…) from your home to your resort, as well as accomodation solutions.


Quotation request

For any additionnal information, do not hesitate to contact me.